NST Renhold AS

NST Renhold as is a Norwegian situated company in NST Group with business areas Cleaning, Gardening and Facility Services for private and professional market.

Company has a wide range of services for clients in south western Norway.

The company has good experience with cleaning during erection of buildings as well as final wash-out of buildings, and can also offer dust measurement and documentation of the quality of the cleaning according to the RTB handbook and NS-INSTA 800. The company also carries out disinfection of training centers, surgeries at hospitals, etc.

Private market:

• Regular cleaning of homes
• Gardening Services
• Janitor Services
• Outwash of houses
• Shopping Services
• Caretaking

Professional market: 

• Regular cleaning of any facilities
• Project cleaning
• Outwash of new and existing buildings
• Janitor Services
• Gardening Services
• Services to Hotels