The first company in NST Group was established in 1995. Companies were also established in 1997 and 1999, and in 2002 the structure were reorganised and two more new companies were established. At this time one also started to use “NST Group” as the marketing name for the corporate. In 2003 NST Group established a company in Vilnius, LIthuania, and in 2004 NST Group entered construction business, whilst this activity were organised in one of the existing companies. In 2006 NST Group established contacts in Germany, and at same time employed a representative in Romania. In 2007 an office were opened in Romania, and at same time NST Group employed a representative in Ukraine.

At start and for the first years NST Groups business areas were mainly Scaffolding and Industrial Painting for the shipyards along the south western coastline of Norway. After some years the services were expanded to contain Rope Acess, Industrial Cleaning, UHP Cleaning and some other disciplines that naturally belonged.
The market for this activity has on the contrary changed from being directed against shipyards, to also contain Metal Melters, Heavy Industry, Ship Owners, Rig Owners and other Onshore Industry.
After some years, and after wishes from our clients, the activities were expanded to also contain both NDT Inspection og Surface Inspection.

In 2002, after market had been bad for a while, it was found necessary to reorganise activities, and structure of companies was changed as well as some of the services, so NST Group could be more flexible and better prepared for changes in the markets. As a result of this NDT Services are now longer a part of our services, and Surface Inspection is taken into NST Contracting as a natural part of Surface Protection Services.
After this restructure, Surface Protection Services and sub-contracting is still one of the main activities of NST Group.

After this it was seen as a necessity to look at possibilities abroad, as EU was expanded with 10 new member countries in 2004, and Norway’s borders would be opened for both labour force and companies from a number of low cost countries. Of this reason we established our own company in Vilnius, Lithuania in 2003. This was done after previous exploration and also a representative office up front.
At the start the purpose was to have access to work force for our own companies, but as our clients could see we did this in a serious way in a “jungle” of less serious actors and vague legislation, has the part of rental to external companies increased. This also leaded to the fact that NST Group established in Romania and Ukraine, and made contacts in Germany and UK. In near future our engagement outside Norway will increase.
Rental of personnel is of this reason one of the main activities in NST Group today.

As other activities are constantly evaluated, NST Group decided to start operating in Construction in 2004, and stayed within “core business” with surfaces. We used a few years to build up this activity, but today it is expanded to contain more than flooring and paintworks as we started with. This has lead to the fact that services and sub-contracting for Construction Business also is one of NST Group main activities today.

In 2008 similar evaluations lead to NST Group entrance with Cleaning services in the market, both for private and professinal market, and additional home services for private market. This lead us into private market, a market NST Group did not operate in before, except very limited with flats in construction business. This have us new challenges and another type of operations, as one has a lot of small clients to attend to instead of few and big ones. It is our goal that cleaning services is to be one of the main activities in NST Group together with our other main activities.

Also in 2008 it was decided to explore the needs of medical services in Lithuania, which lead to the fact that NST Baltija the summer of 2009 gained their approval as Health Care Institution in Lithuania. This service will be expanded both within services and geographical.